Prophetical Promise September, 2020

The promise for September is that God of Israel will be your rereward. This is an exciting promise to mediate throughout this month and long after and in this excerpt Pastor Paul Dawson reveals that this promise can be made sure only through the anointing.

God's finest for His finest

The love of God can never be adequately described as it is too deep and so vast. The rich mercy and favour of God are incomparable and they are for His Incomparable people. Watch this sermon to know more.

Prophetical Promise for August

The promise of the month of August 2020 is Exodus 11:9 - My wonders will be multiplied in your land. Listen to know more.

The New Normal - Part 2

In this sermon Pastor Paul Dawson reveals how the grace of God that has been given to us enables us to keep on praying always and everywhere and how it will enable us to keep on meditating the word of god all day long – night and day. Thirdly how you will be in the fear of God always, fourthly how you will be walking and living in the spirit always, and fifthly how you will be rejoicing in the Lord always. And finally, the grace will always enable you to look for the glorious appearance of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. And how all the above is the new normal for the new creation!

Heaven's Designer Wear

Are you dressed to meet the King of kings? If you long to meet Him, this sermon is for you. Pastor Dawson walks you through God’s desires for His elect. The proper attire which is a prerequisite for an audience with Him, is a specially designed garment as is well explained in the sermon. Take an exclusive peak at God’s Designer Wear for you today.

Diet Change

Physical pressures are handled by strengthening the physique. Similarly, spiritual strength is gained by adopting a strong Word diet. Pastor Paul Dawson in this sermon suggests a diet change to counter the onslaught of life’s numerous pressures. He focusses on building super strong faith and not becoming a casualty of war. It is time for a diet change.

Mastering your emotional world

God created man with emotions. But if we observe our lives, it is full of ups and downs, twists and turns and full of unexpected surprises. The odds are stacked against us. During these circumstances, do you know it essential to keep your emotions under control?

The New Normal - Part 1

No one would have ever imagined of the things happening today. At such a time as this, one needs to act in wisdom to face the new normal life. Do you know God will make you to thrive amidst the chaos?

God's Will and Corona

Things around us have suddenly changed due to the coronavirus situation. Though safety is at stake, yet our God wants us to be preserved. Listen to know God's will at such a time.

Prophetical Promise for July

God has chosen you to be a special person and to
set you on high. This is His specific promise for July 2020 and every day for the
rest of your life.

Making your faith sure

We are all aware that we have entered the ‘New Normal’ and that the world is going through a chaotic phase. The people of the world are going through pressures on every side. In this sermon, we will find Pastor Paul Dawson revealing the secret of how to make your faith and confidence sure!

The Word that Profits

We all know that we have entered chaotic times where fear, uncertainty and restlessness are controlling the people everywhere. In this sermon, Pastor Paul Dawson explains how to ensure that the Word we hear profits us and helps us to experience the effects of redemption and how faith plays a vital role in that.


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