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Efficiency of heart increases

I had a mild heart-attack in 2013, the doctors advised me to undergo a bypass surgery but after prayer the doctors were surprised to see that a by pass surgery had automatically taken place.


Do you have a testimony to share of how God has done a miracle in your life through this ministry? We would love to hear what God has done in your life. Your praise report glorifies His name and God can use it to bless others. Please use this form to share it with us.

Thank you for sending your praise report.

Set free from Depression

I was suffering from severe depression for the past 24 years. I suffered from insomnia. When I was exposed to the power of God, I was instantly set free. I'm no longer a slave to medication.

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Soaking in the glory

The yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.

Isa 10:27. Come and experience God's word and His presence. Longstanding bondages will be broken when the Spirit of God moves.

Time: 10am - 3pm

Location: Miracle Power Zone, Kadarvedu, Chennai



Church Corporate Prayer

Let us gather together with one accord in His presence to build the walls and claim the victory!

Time: 09:30am - 04:30pm

Location: Miracle Healing Centre, Arumbakkam, Chennai

13 -16


Miracle Power School - Batch V

A 3 day Power-packed training on 

- Overflowing in the Spirit

- Manifestation of Miracle Power

- Breaking Evil Powers & Witchcraft

-Dominating circumstances and sickness

- Miracle Power Prayer

Location: Emperor Hotel, Melacca, Malaysia

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